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Solar Fencing

We supply a wide range of Solar Power Fence, which are known for their efficiency and reasonable rates. These solar power fencing is easy to install, maintain and widely appreciated in various sectors for its functionality. Solar power fencing is made up of shock durable system where a person will not die and even if anybody stands near to it, it will automatically generate alarm. The product is fabricated using very high-quality material purchased from the most reliable vendors of the industry. This type of fencing system is widely appreciated for various domestic and commercial applications.

Solar Fencing

Product Features

  • Uses indigenous technology
  • Trouble free performance
  • The shock dose not physically harm animals or human beings
  • Power fence can be erected to target species only
  • All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically
  • Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure

With its superior strength, performance, capacity and service life, the range of Solar Fencing made available by us in the market, is widely acclaimed and asked for. The product for reasons of quality maintenance, is manufactured in accordance with the set industry norms and guidelines, utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. Further, the range is marked at the most reasonable rate possible.

Solar Dryer

Solar energy can be used to increase temperatures needed for most of the drying applications. Solar dryers use air heated through solar energy collectors, which can be installed in modules according to the requirements of hot air.

The main purpose of solar dryer is to dry the food products in a natural manner. Our dryer is an efficient one which dries the products in a natural way and also protects it from getting exposed to various factors that may contaminate the products like wind, dust, rainfall, etc. it produces enough intensity of heat which dries the products in a natural way. And hence we recommend you to use our solar dryer if you are looking for a best solar dryer for you food products. We give services in commercial companies, textile companies, and food processing industries etc.

Solar Fencing

Product Features

  • Solar dryers are more economical compared to dryers that run on conventional fuel/electricity.
  • The drying process is completed in the most hygienic and eco-friendly way.
  • Solar drying systems have low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Solar dryers last longer. A typical dryer can last 15-20 years with minimum maintenance.
  • Normally, solar dryers can be utilized only for drying at 40-50°C.
  • Due to limitations is solar energy collection, the solar drying process is slow in comparison with dryers that use conventional fuels


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