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Solar Street Light

The easiest and cheapest way to utilizing solar energy is going in for standalone street lights. It gives immediate lighting solution in any given situation.Solar Street Lights are so named because they work with the help of Solar Energy. Solar Street Lights help to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy.

When there is the shortage of power and renewable energy in some places, solar energy is an apt advanced technology that produces renewable energy. Solar Street Lights function with the help of Solar Energy.

Solar Street Light

Product Features

  • Street Lights Suitable for Roads, Condominiums, Agricultural Land
  • CFL and LED Models which are more luminous
  • Low maintenance Batteries
  • Rust-free Boards
  • With automatic Controllers.Can automatically switch-on during night time
  • High efficient solar LED street lighting (30 watt LED)

A Solar street light switches on itself whenever sunsets in the evening, Similarly - In the morning, it switches off automatically. This feature is called the dusk to dawn feature. Street Lighting System is a lighting system for the illumination of streets, roads, squares and common public areas. It uses the sun's light to work. It is the complete set of Solar Panel, Lithium Battery, Light, Charge Controller & Poles.



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