Solar Panel

   Solar Panel is the collection of several individual solar cells (Energy Particles called Photons) which converts the sunlight into electricity. The electricity production depends upon the amount of light which hits the solar cell.

The nominal output voltage of a solar panel is usually 12 Volts and output watts are 100 to 320 watts. The number and size of Solar Panel required are determined by the existing light and the amount of energy required.These Solar Panels are need to be mounted on the roof, ground and where we can find the sunlight is directly available.

We have

  • Good quality of Mono and Poly Solar Panels
  • Glass and Aluminum sealed Panels
  • Well Tested and equipped products
  • Easy Installments
  • Produce Huge Power

Solar Inverters and Charge Controllers

What is Solar Inverters?

   The Solar Inverter Converts the direct current (DC) into utility frequency alternating current (AC).The AC (Alternating current) can be used to power loads in your home or commercial building and more…. The Solar Panel gives DC (Direct current).The DC current cannot be used directly for the home appliances. Solar Inverter is the most important component in the solar power systems.

There are a few basic types of Solar Inverter, they are Off Grid Inverters, Grid Tie Inverters, Battery backup Inverters, Micro Inverters. Micro-inverters are the latest in the solar industry which is small & compact in size and yet are packed with a lot of performance & promise.

What is Solar charge controller?

   A solar charge controller manages the power going into the battery bank from the solar array. It ensures that the deep cycle batteries are not overcharged during the day, and that the power doesn’t run backwards to the solar panels overnight and drain the batteries.

Some charge controllers are available with additional capabilities, like lighting and load control, but managing the power is its primary job.Longer expected lifespan due to fewer electronic components and less thermal stress. Both (PWM and MPPT) type of solar charge controller are widely used in the off-grid solar system and are both great options for efficiently charging your battery

We have

  • Inverters available from 25w
  • Available for all type of factories,offices and homes.
  • Both LCD and LED models can available.
  • SIN wave Inverters PWM,MPPT Inverters are available.
  • Inverters available for single phase to three phase
  • Automaticaly Changeable from Solar to EB,EB to Solar
  • Can view our usage readings and current produces from solar

Solar Battery

About Solar Battery

   Solar batteries are little bit different from normal automobile batteries. This solar batteries are designed to reliability,consistent and low maintenance. These type of batteries called as tubular monobloc batteries. This batteries are wide available in the market such us 12 Volts from 20Ah to 200 Ah @ C10, C20 so on..

Solar Tubular Batteries are made of robust & aesthetically superior PPCP (Polypropylene Co-Polymer) container. Positive spine grids produced on High Pressure Die Casting (HADI) machines give defect – free grid with fine grain structure. Results in excellent corrosion resistance and long life.

We have

  • Lithium Ion and solar tubular batteries
  • 12V to 7Ah Batteries
  • Low maintenance Batteries
  • Easy fitting Batteries
  • 3 to 5 years warranty Batteries

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