solar power project

Solar Power Project

At eflower solar, we have a dedicated technical team that will help our customers to design a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project. we handle certain unique pattern for executing solar power project from KW to MW level. We always strive for the best quality and as such our systems undergo with the stringent quality control at every stage in our production line.

We Design, Engineer, Construct, Operate and Maintain the solar plant for first 5 Years with the project cost. After maintenance contract period of 5 years, customer can renew their Maintenance period.

Solar plant maintenance involves cleaning panels, monitoring the power production level of each panel in regular basis to capitalize the power production process. Regular maintenance is done for maximizing power production.

Solar Tracking


Single Axis Tracking Systems

Solar panels with single axis tracking systems. The panels can turn around the centre axis. Eflower Solar can provide the actuators that tilt the panels.

Dual Axis Tracking Systems

Dual Axis Tracking

Dual axis tracking is typically used to orient a mirror and redirect sunlight along a fixed axis towards a stationary receiver. But the system can also gain additional yield on your PV cells. Eflower Solar can provide you with quality actuators that move these panels on dual axis.

Control your Solar with Single touch

    Smart electric meters are electronic devices that track and record customers home electricity use. Electric utilities have been replacing old, analog meters that are read manually once a month with new, digital smart meters that automatically capture information about electricity consumption and transmit it back to electric companies.

    The monitoring application enables PV installers and system owners to perform remote monitoring on the go using their mobile Android device, thus maximizing solar energy harvesting. The application enables users to view the most updated data and be up to speed with their site’s performance.

Day-to-Day life with Solar...

   Global warming has increased the demand and request for green energy produced by renewable sources such as solar power. Consequently, solar tracking is increasingly being applied as a sustainable power generating solution. Solar Tracking System is a device for orienting a solar panel or concentrating a solar reflector or lens towards the sun. Concentrators, especially in solar cell applications, require a high degree of accuracy to ensure that the concentrated sunlight is directed precisely to the powered device. Precise tracking of the sun is achieved through systems with single or dual axis tracking.

The biggest advantage to installing a solar tracker comes in the form of improved energy output. By some estimates, adding a tracker to your panels could improve their productivity by 10 to 25 percent, depending on where your home is located.Fixed angle panels, on the other hand, are usually tilted at the degree that gets the most sun all year. But because the Earth is constantly moving around the sun, the exact optimal angle at any moment depends both on the time of day and the time of year.

You may be able to address seasonal changes and improve output of a fixed panel by adjusting its angle manually two to four times a year—but you can’t exactly change it yourself all day. That’s where trackers come in. By automating the process, they ensure that you use the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Our Enhanced Service

Solar power plant Consultant and service

Eflower Solar provides consulting services in setting up KW to MW level grid connected solar power plant project. Eflower Solar brings in its years of experience in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops and landscape.

Eflower Solar can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Eflower Solar recognizes that open roof spaces on rooftops on buildings have an excellent potential in energy savings every year. Depending on the environment where you live, you should clean your solar panels no less than once every other month.

*solar projects will be installed from 50KW to 1000MW based on the customer's requirement.
*Our team will inspect and maintain the installed solar project in customer's place on the regular basis.(upto 5years)

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